• We have been performing secondary collections for over 3 decades
  • Nearly 30% of MDS gross (self-pay) collections are the results of identifying and collecting from third-party payers
  • MDS pioneered the industry of Secondary Collections
  • Staff specifically trained to counsel patients through all aspects of secondary collections
  • Continuous follow up on all accounts until resolution
  • Unique account packaging ensures all accounts are worked regardless of age or balance


With our tenure comes great success and experience. We take all we’ve learned and apply it to your accounts each day to collect money for our clients that otherwise would not have been recovered.


We believe in partnering our operations team and your business office. This personal relationship allows us all to understand present issues and quickly rectify challenges. Through our integrated technology, we sequentially dial your accounts at various intervals to saturate your placements and increase patient contact. We routinely report back items such as wrong numbers, bad addresses, billing and adjustment detail so you can spot trends within your operation. Detailed feedback and reporting is provided to assist you in managing your active A/R (payor, financial class, age). The benefit? Quick, detailed work that yields results.