MDS offers a customized Primary Bad Debt Recovery service that increases hospital cash flow, by recovering on delinquent account balances. We realize the importance of selecting a vendor with experience and competency. MDS has a proven history of being thorough, and utilizing best practice work standards for each client’s inventory. As a result of our technological application, and counseling approach to recovery, we experience a proven higher result for our clients.

You’ve made many choices. Why is MDS the right one?

  • Performance-driven culture with cutting-edge technology
  • Dedicated Client Service Division to ensure satisfaction with service delivery and recovery results
  • 100% health care exclusive with a tenured, national client-base
  • We understand that the healthcare experience does not end with the healthcare provider – it is an entire cycle of excellence and fulfillment
  • Competitive pricing and increased collections resulting in higher net back

Our entire operation has a commitment to quality and performance that is unsurpassed by our competitors. We pride ourselves on the ability to change rapidly to meet each of our client’s needs, while also maintaining exemplary patient satisfaction. You will experience a personal relationship with our Operations Team. You are the MOST IMPORTANT CLIENT we have.


MDS proprietary software system provides exceptional flexibility to integrate with all forms of hospital patient accounting systems. In our history, there has never been a client that we could not integrate/interface our systems with to accommodate the flow of business together.