Medical Data Systems, Inc. (MDS) Announces Accelerated Management Solutions, LLC. (AMS)

Medical Data Systems, Inc. (MDS) Announces Accelerated Management Solutions, LLC. (AMS) MDS announces the opening of Accelerated Management Solutions, LLC. AMS offers a solution for hospitals and healthcare providers to easily manage multiple business partners in one centralized location.

VERO BEACH, Fla. March 07, 2018 — MDS, a nationally recognized healthcare revenue cycle leader, has taken their 33 years of healthcare experience and launched a second company to support the healthcare community. Through AMS, our Centralized Agency Solutions for Healthcare services (C.A.S.H), provides a data management solution like no other service in the industry today. AMS assists in:

  • Initiating the implementation of new or existing business partners
  • Development & manage the facilitation and automation of data files across multiple business partners
  • Reconciliation of all business partner inventory
  • Reconciliation of invoicing & track invoicing issues relative to policies and contracts
  • Track performance with a 360 degree view of all your business partners
  • Online dashboards and tools available for your business partners too

These are just a few of the highlights of the AMS and C.A.S.H. capabilities.

“We’ve identified a need within the healthcare community to centralize business partner management operations by managing the flow of data between providers and their business partners. C.A.S.H is a proprietary solution that is customized for each Client(s) data needs and requirements,” said Rick Masterson, President. “We’ve taken our knowledge, talent and industry experience of 33 years and applied it to the creation of a new company that is focused on centralizing the management of data shared between providers and their business partners.”

Industry Challenge

Managing multiple business partners and prioritizing the endless IT demands cause significant strain on most hospital IT departments. Data errors like reconciliation issues, placement files sent to the wrong business partner and delays in data updates become common-place and the burden of keeping up with this deluge of information requires an ever increasing number of support staff. Hospitals need help with new business partner implementations, managing the exchange of files, file specification changes/updates, and capturing the required data elements for each business partner. Managing reconciliation files and the reassignment of accounts from one business partner to another and then back into the hospital system is labor intensive and sometimes problematic.

Our Solution

Through a seamless exchange of data between hospitals and business partners, our C.A.S.H solution takes all the heavy lifting off your IT department by programing and maintaining the exchange of appropriate data for each business partner.

For additional information on the expansion and growth of AMS, or any other AMS related information, please contact Cheryl Spanier, Vice President, Business Development & Client Services at