MDS understands the relationship between your hospital and the community you serve. As an extension of your business office, you can trust that we share your vision for excellence in customer service, while also achieving recovery on accounts. Our clients choose to partner with us for our compassionate and professional approach while communicating with your patients. These shared values comprise the core of our mission, and set the tone for our relationship with you and your community.

The MDS Extended Business Office service line is a customizable solution, providing a delivery model that meets the needs of your specific demographic area, and community as well as mimics your patient financial services policies. When utilizing an experienced and proven partner, such as MDS, in this area of recovery, your organization may realize a lower the cost to collect, gain efficiencies in your overall business office operations, and increase revenue.

Our 3 decades of experience, and tenured management team provide the expertise to produce recoveries, as well as analysis and recommendations that include applied technologies, front-end modifications, and clear opportunity for advanced levels of revenue cycle recoveries.

The MDS Extended Business Office program includes the following services:

  • Self Pay – MDS provides an immediate solution that brings quality service and a sense of urgency to your accounts receivable recovery process. All accounts are worked methodically by applying a comprehensive approach to researching each account, and contacting patients. As a representation of your business office, we will thank the patient for utilizing the hospital/healthcare facility, explain the account and remaining balance, as well as explain all options for resolving the account. MDS prioritizes accounts utilizing our internal proprietary scoring methodology, skip-tracing technology and patient friendly letters and statements on accounts.
  • Balance after Insurance/Co-Pay – MDS realizes that this inventory is the most collectable and therefore uses various models to ensure contact is made with this group of patients. Our staff is fully versed in all areas of insurance and can readily answer patient questions regarding coverage and their residual balance/responsibility.
  • Payment Plans – MDS has a payment plan solution to manage budget plan accounts. Agreed upon monthly minimums, due date and validation are implemented within our system. Reminder letters are sent prior to the due date. Should the payment plan default, the account is immediately sent to a representative to re-establish the contact. Given the residual and often predictable nature of this recovery, MDS offers a variety of reports that may allow clients to project revenue and audit results.
  • Insurance Follow-up – Our highly trained team of insurance specialists thoroughly review each account placed. Coverage is validated and carrier & patient communication is expeditious and urgent. We have the ability to bill and re-bill to a variety of traditional payors. Our detailed reports provide billing feedback to assist in improving efficiencies on the front end.

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