medical data systems
Are you considering a system conversion?
Are your A/R days aging at a rapid pace?


Hospitals that are changing patient accounting systems or are experiencing backlogs within various Financial Classes may require the services of MDS to bring their A/R current, take the legacy system A/R burden off current staff, free up staff time to focus on new system training, and allow you to begin on a new system, with a clean database.

MDS can manage and optimize cash recoveries for insurance and self pay accounts receivables while the internal staff converts to the new system being implemented. When the hospital's Accounts Receivables is not converted to the new system, cash flow and patient satisfaction are maintained by MDS, while you focus efforts on a successful system conversion.

Designed to assist the healthcare provider with management of accounts receivable, these programs can be on an on-going basis, and an integral part of business services, or a onetime "clean-up" project...depending on your needs and requirements.

Backlogs can occur for a number of reasons, from staff turnover, insurance conversions or to simply a surge in volumes. MDS specializes in clearing it up and getting you back on track. Sorting through and identifying all accounts that need attention. We re-bill payers, appeal denials, make direct contacts and recommend litigation where appropriate.

A few advantages to being a veteran of revenue cycle management solutions is having multi-system experience. Tenured client base/references, extensive A/R clean-up experience, and a history of quality customer service and patient sensitive recoveries, defines MDS as a partner in business.

Our proprietary collection software system allows us the flexibility to customize our interface capabilities to meet the various needs of our clientele. As hospitals continue to transition to newer and improved systems, MDS is there to assist without system limitations. We proactively monitor the performance level and services that we provide to our clients. MDS employs full time programmers that customize processes to work with/around your legacy systems.

We are focused on minimizing cash flow interruptions and maintaining the relationship with the community you serve.

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